Friday, September 30, 2011

Logo Design - MiniLeagues

A logo for a table top role playing game tournament company that I did several months ago. Graphic designers make it all look so easy to make logos, but really there is so much that goes into it. I may try a sportier look if I get a chance to go over it. It was actually really fun to do! I love Warhammer 40k lore and researching the art side of it was a joy.
This was a medallion design awarded to the regional champion. It looked pretty swanky! You had to take many things into count (for example: font, line thickness, spacing) in order for it to come out clear on the medals and overall visual impact. The winner has got to feel proud wearing it and people have got to want to win it.


I did some other stuff for them like banners (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and web banners. I just started reading some of Dan Abnett's books. I really want to get into that world.

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