Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So I've come to love crocheting


A quick little banner I did for my friend who just started an etsy shop called Hoot's Hook Nook. She kinda gave me free reign on it (which is the best and very rare). She only asked to put cartooned versions of the owls she puts on her products so far. Her crochet hat is my FAVORITE.

I think good banners designs can really add to your site and it's always the first impression the viewer has of you and/or of your business. I think that they should be designed quickly so you can work on other better quality things to post on one's art blog, but some design and thought should be put into it.

Facebook cover photo

Placeholder until I can come up with some kind of eureaka doodle for the company logo. Because it's cute, it brings in the attention of a lot more people.

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