Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The tablet monitor for the thrifty digital artist

Yiynova MSP19U Review

Who I purchased it from: Cumorah Enterprises LLC (EDIT: They may not be selling them anymore)
Price: 549$
Shipping: 50$ (to Toronto, Ontario in Canada-land)
Customs + Border Taxes + Brokerage charge: 149$   (I know... disgusting. But it's 15 pds and comes in a big box.)
Total: A few cents short of $700

Rating: 9/10 
           Reasons: -Costs $2000 less than the wacom cintiq
                          -Works just as well as a cintiq with its own little hiccups
                          -Although it takes 2 days to get used to everything
                          -Screen is very bright
                          -colors are even better
                          -resolution (although less of the Wacom)
                            is still very good and it's not something you'd really notice
                          -fantastic customer service
                          -movement and transition from tools to tools is smooth

It finally came today! I've been waiting for this order because it sold out like hot cakes as soon as gleaming reviews about this 19" tablet monitor came out on the internet. So I've been waiting for this bad boy for 2 months. I am POOR, I have had contract jobs for a while, and am not in the position to spend three grand on a brand name. Half of the money I made this year went towards getting my wisdom teeth out. 

Apparently its been tested before it was sent to me from Cumorah Inc. in Hamilton, Ohio. See the date on the little sticker?

The pen needs an AAA battery

The Vesa stand it come with is very very nice. Also comes with a little pen holder you put in the back if you squint your eyes.

There you have it. I love it although it started off a little rocky because of the drivers I had to install. It was a combination of re-installing it a couple of times to correct little bugs and getting used to the pen sensitivity that bugged me for the first couple of hours. But I am very happy and it was worth every cent. I could not say that for the Wacom cintiq. Sure it looks pretty and it has extra buttons. But I do not care for those buttons anyways and just use the keyboard because the shortcut keys are second nature to me.

*To deal with pen sensitivity (i.e. double clicking, 'sticky' transition from switching tools)
              - Sorry, but your pen sucks. You'll have to return it in exchange it for a new one.
  - Install only the drivers from the internet and not from the CD unless directed so. For the love of gawd please uninstall all wacom/old tablet drivers off first
*Glare and smudge:
 - Get a cheap glove and cut it into a smudge guard glove for your writing hand
             - Do not have the window behind or beside you!

Feel free to comment and ask questions you have below because there weren't many people around with it that I knew so I just had reviews to put my trust in. This was just my take on it, but here's an even better review.

EDIT: Something is apparently wrong with my pen. I have asked around about the cursor acting kinda sticky when it comes to switching tools and no one else has this problem. So I emailed the company and the distributors, turns out it was something wrong with my pen. I changed the nib and now it works perfectly. The last one had the tiniest crack, you'd never think it would ever make a difference. I may or may not get the pen replaced if it starts to degrade.


Luis Bustos said...

Hi, Im just order the yiynova. Thanks for your review ;)
By the way... You have very nice works!

Brian Russell said...

Just curious, as I'm having problems with my pen (different ones, but still), who did you email? I sent an email to the Yiynova company, but Lord only knows...

aspirin111 said...

Great review! I'm now interested in this product over the cintiq because of the price difference. However, wacom recently released the cintiq 13hd which is $300 more expensive but much better in specs. ahh, hard decision.