Wednesday, April 17, 2013

After a month of using the Yiynova msp19U

When my Yiynova arrived, my pen was broken. So I had to ship it back, wait for them to recieve it, and then wait again for them to ship the new pen to me. Eventually, I was able to work on stuff again (since about April 7th). It has been smooth sailing eversince.

Here are is a list of pros and cons that I've noticed thus far:

-no lag in the brush
-works perfectly
-very bright screen
-I work much faster and with much more confidence than ever
-fantastic and fast online troubleshooting from Panda City and the company in which the Yiynova was made, through email
-colors are slightly off so you need to download a screen color correcting/callibrating software to fix that
-if something is broken you have to wait weeks before you get it replaced
-screen gets smudgy easily but y ou just need a microfibre cloth nearby

I am very happy with this purchase. I would highly recommend this thrifty badboy and I wish I had this since the beginning of college because I feel that I would have had an easy transition from working in traditional medium to digital.

Today, I had been notified by a fellow artist that they purchased their Yiynova from Cumorah just as I have but about a month after. Apparently that person recieved a broken tablet monitor and couldn't get a hold of Cumorah for a month. So they had to go through Panda City and they had to deal with this issue in their own way. So it is possible that Cumorah has been running into issues. If that had happened to me, I would have been furious!

Looks like those in Canada won't be able to purchase the Yiynova msp19U, because the only Canadian reseller (Cumorah) may be having issues. Hopefully it is resolved soon.

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