Friday, June 14, 2013

Delicious Remorse - My Birthday Cake Song

Delicious Remorse
(Lyrics made by myself today to the song "The Confrontation" featured in 'Les Miserables')

The cake, at last!
We sneak another slice.
Banana cho-colate
With cream cheese frosted-up nice

Before you take another bite, you pig
Before you think about scarfing it down
Steep some sweet tea, it pairs so perfectly!
The chocolate flakes melt in your mouth.
The silky texture endless ecstasy,
Oh what the heck, another share for me!
Then I will stop. Procrastinating.
Just one last bite.

Where did the cake go?
If no one minds I'll lick the plate
People like me, will never waste
Such delicious cake!

***YouTube video of the song if you would like to refer to its genius!***

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